October 10, 2010

A Modern Day Love Story!! 2+2+4 and Counting

For the friends that know us hear is a little insight about the beginning. Enjoy.

This story starts about 8 years ago. This starts in a little place called North Ridgeville Ohio. I saw this beautiful girl in the hallway. And I though to my self that I would love to get to know that girl. It was kind of nice that I had friend that had a locker next to hers and also a class with her. This girl was a transfer to this school from a different place. I have never seen this girl before our junior year in high school. I saw her and I immediately had to talk to her.I thought that she was amazingly HOTT!!. The problem with me talking to her was that I am really really shy when I get out of my comfort zone (surprising to those that know me well). The good thing was that I had a friend that was in the same class as hers and I had a study hall right next door to where she was taking class. The ironic thing was that I went to my coaches room which is right next to the math class she was taking a makeup test at. I had a crazy feeling that it just felt right and that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. We hit it off and had tons of stuff in common. It is really crazy to think that 7.5 years into our relationship And 4 years into our wonderful marriage I think that I love that girl more know than I did back than. My feelings have never changed for her. We have gotten more mature and thus our feelings and love for one another has gotten more loving and deeper as well. Fast forward to December 2004, we have been together almost 2 years and I figured it was time to make our future "official" so I pick out a ring, took her father to lunch, planned a perfect date in Downtown Cleveland and ask this beautiful girl to marry me, in front of a crowd in Downtown Cleveland in the winter in front of the Christmas tree in public square after that we take a perfect carriage ride around downtown Cleveland to put a perfect ending to an already perfect night. October 14, 2006 is a date that I will remember forever. This is the day that my life really became complete. I married my best friend, my LATA, my wife. It was a perfect fall day with love and friends all around. That day will be a day that will forever be engrained in my mind. Did I mention that she made a really hott bride!! Let's fast forward again 4 more years. On this week of our 4th wedding anniversary, I am constantly reminded of how beautiful my wife is inside and out. She always makes me fell like the most important person. Its amazing how fast 4 years of marriage flies by let alone 8 years. Amanda makes it so easy to love her. It has been on heck of a journey that we have both been on together. I want to thank my LATA for making this journey so much fun. I look forward to many more anniversaries.

June 14, 2010

24+ years of Perspective

One the eve if this remarkable journey i am going to take you through what i have learned in the past 25 years (yes that's right I'm only 25). i feel like i have accomplished so much in the first two and a half decades i have been on this earth. I have experienced joy, misery, defeat, happiness, pain, heartache, and love. I have learned about critical things in my life that have made me the person that I am today. I have learned many things in Life i am going to try and elaborate on a few of them here.

1) Failure is only an option if you don't try. I used to be afraid to fail in my life but than if you don't try and take a risk than you are really a failure for not trying new things. When people would ask me what i was most afraid of i would say failure But now i realized it is just the Failure to try to take a risk.

2) Friends- some will leave some will stay. the ones that are real stick around through the good and the bad and know everything about you and still talk to you like you are "fairly" normal.

3) Love- Love is a risk that every person should make. Because if you miss out on love you will miss out on Life.

These Next three are the most critical ones that i have learned about, some of these are always going to be a work in progress but its a goal that is worth working towards that will make you feel like you can actually grasp life and get a lot out of it.

4) Fun- You can not go through life working yourself to death. That's not Fun. If you cant finish it today finish it tomorrow (Thanks Frank). Life is to short to have a dead line especially when our life is full of them. Try and do something new with a friend or a spouse, girlfriend even by yourself. Try something new once a month. It may feel forced and weird at first but you will warm up to the idea. Pretty soon you will be looking for different things to do and everything that you do will be fun.

5) PPT- (power of positive thinking)- this is my own little creation. One day I thought to myself, Self what can I do to make people's day better? Ding Ding, I thought whats a better way than to show everyone that positive energy is a good thing to have and that it really does do a better good than frowning. I go through the day and when anybody asks me how are you? I say I'm great its beautiful outside isn't it? and they get kind of taken back by that. It's a really good feeling to know that just by smiling and being positive it really makes the day go by a lot better.

6) Faith- This is the one that i am still working on ( well i guess everyone is working on this one until that point in time comes). But i have seen amazing things happen when you have faith, I have seen a lot of broken people pick them self up just be believing and getting there life back on track. I have seen people fall hard from not having any faith and thinking that they can do with out. They were wrong i was wrong before i got baptized. My life never would have turned out the way that it did if it wasn't for the day I got baptized I am still a work in progress.

I hope that the Next twenty five years of my life are as fun and fulfilling as my first twenty five were. Thanks, and always remember PPT (Power of Positive Thinking)

PS if you didn't get it My Birthday is June 15th. Thanks again.

October 09, 2009

3 years and a whole lot of fun.

I cant believe that it is that time of year again. that time where the air smells just a little bit different the tree in your yard looks a little bit oranger and barer with each passing day. Its that time of year where the shorts and flip-flops get put away and the jeans and sweatshirts get put on. This is that time of year for everybody else. For me this time is all those things but for me it is just a little bit more than that.

This Wednesday Oct. 14 I will be CELEBRATING my 3rd wedding anniversary. My Lata and I have spent the Last year growing with each other on our relationships with god each other and everyone around us. My Lata is truly a blessing in my life. With out her in my Life I would not be the person i am today. Our wedding anniversary is a very special time for me because we get to reflect on the last year in particular but get to touch base on the past 3+ years as well. Amanda has always been my biggest fan and i cant give her enough credit but she has been there through these past twelve months right by my side.

Someone once said that Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well whoever said that is a smart man because, when I spent nine days apart from my wife. I can honestly say that those 9 days were brutal not like I didn't know what to do but the fact that i was alone at night for the first time in our marriage for more than 1-2 days.

In the three years that we have been married we have Done and accomplished so much. we Moved To NC, She got a new job (twice), Saw the Mountains, The Beach. Mickey and Minnie, Buzz, Dolphins with some friends, Ran a Half Marathon, Got a dog,Saw the Mall and Abe, Said I love you Everyday, Thought about the small things, Reminisce about the old times, bought a house, met a whole lot of people we love, and saw new life come into this world. It has been a wonderful 3 years and I know that we will enjoy many, many more.

This Anniversary is really special to me because it gets us closer to our goal 60 years. I hope that 60 years from know that she knows i will be as madly in love with her as i am right know as she reads this post. I love you my LATA have a wonderful Day!!!!

September 14, 2009

Tonight is the Night

Tonight is the night that i cannot sleep. it is probably because i miss my wife. I am boring without her she is half of me. This is the longest we have been apart in 6 years together. Crazy I know but i miss her after only three days. Its not really the days its the nights after i get home from work and am relaxing for the evening I don't have that pretty face that looks at me just like she did 6 years ago. a face that i still see till this day. I hope that I never take that face or our time for granted. So tonight is the first night that I cannot sleep when we are apart. Know don't get me wrong i get up early for work and by the time 9 even 10 o'clock comes i am really trying to keep my lids open. I just hope that Monday comes faster than I think it will. I love you babe have fun.

August 23, 2009

Where would you be!!!!

Where would you be in your life without that "one" person. You know that one person that made a difference in your life. That one person that would always tell you that what you're doing is probably not a good idea. That person where without them you don't know where your life would have ended up. I can honestly say I don't know where in my life would be without that's right my wife Amanda. I definitely don't know where I would be in my life and where I would be living or working for that matter. I would not even be working for this company if it wasn't for Amanda and her family. She has been such an inspiration to me in my walk of faith and my professional life. If it wasn't for Amanda then I definitely would not be in the position that I am in right know I would not have a house and I would not be married to such an amazing women. so for that I am truly grateful that she was taking a test in the hallway next to me. She has been so encouraging to me to go for my dreams and to excel at the highest level. She has always been my biggest fan and someday I hope to return the favor. her family has been so wonderful as well without them i wouldn't know what real compassion and true love really was. They really helped mold me into the man I am today. My family did things for me that no one else ever could/will. they showed me things not to do. it is kind of the polar opposite if what I was talking about before. some people in my family are alcoholics, some family members lost their jobs because of that. One of my family members married for money. He's now divorced (for the third time). most of these things are bad but I'm definitely not going to lose my job due to alcohol or even become an alcoholic because i have seen first hand what it can do to a family. Family is everything and i love all of my family and i am glad they are my family because with them i would not be Michael Baumann.