October 10, 2010

A Modern Day Love Story!! 2+2+4 and Counting

For the friends that know us hear is a little insight about the beginning. Enjoy.

This story starts about 8 years ago. This starts in a little place called North Ridgeville Ohio. I saw this beautiful girl in the hallway. And I though to my self that I would love to get to know that girl. It was kind of nice that I had friend that had a locker next to hers and also a class with her. This girl was a transfer to this school from a different place. I have never seen this girl before our junior year in high school. I saw her and I immediately had to talk to her.I thought that she was amazingly HOTT!!. The problem with me talking to her was that I am really really shy when I get out of my comfort zone (surprising to those that know me well). The good thing was that I had a friend that was in the same class as hers and I had a study hall right next door to where she was taking class. The ironic thing was that I went to my coaches room which is right next to the math class she was taking a makeup test at. I had a crazy feeling that it just felt right and that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. We hit it off and had tons of stuff in common. It is really crazy to think that 7.5 years into our relationship And 4 years into our wonderful marriage I think that I love that girl more know than I did back than. My feelings have never changed for her. We have gotten more mature and thus our feelings and love for one another has gotten more loving and deeper as well. Fast forward to December 2004, we have been together almost 2 years and I figured it was time to make our future "official" so I pick out a ring, took her father to lunch, planned a perfect date in Downtown Cleveland and ask this beautiful girl to marry me, in front of a crowd in Downtown Cleveland in the winter in front of the Christmas tree in public square after that we take a perfect carriage ride around downtown Cleveland to put a perfect ending to an already perfect night. October 14, 2006 is a date that I will remember forever. This is the day that my life really became complete. I married my best friend, my LATA, my wife. It was a perfect fall day with love and friends all around. That day will be a day that will forever be engrained in my mind. Did I mention that she made a really hott bride!! Let's fast forward again 4 more years. On this week of our 4th wedding anniversary, I am constantly reminded of how beautiful my wife is inside and out. She always makes me fell like the most important person. Its amazing how fast 4 years of marriage flies by let alone 8 years. Amanda makes it so easy to love her. It has been on heck of a journey that we have both been on together. I want to thank my LATA for making this journey so much fun. I look forward to many more anniversaries.

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